Port Shopping

port shopping
The Caribbean region is one “shopper’s paradise” that lives up to its name. Shopping on the islands means taking advantage of countless opportunities to find luxury items available at tax-free and duty-free prices—up to 50 percent less than retail prices in the United States. Vast selections in nearly every destination include opulent designer jewelry, coveted name-brand watches, exquisite diamonds, and rare, exotic gemstones, some of which are virtually impossible to find back home. You’ll also see reduced prices on electronics, liquor, cosmetics, fragrances, china, crystal, linens, leather goods, candy, and chocolates. And the list goes on. next


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While on vacation, you might realize that your current camera, or lack thereof, is hindering your ability to bring the memories back home with you. Purchasing a new camera en route is actually an excellent option. While you don’t need to become a full-fledged expert to select a great one, you should know the basics. next


Walk through any major town on a Caribbean island and you are sure to be drawn by the succulent fragrance of spicy seafood or the tantalizing smell of a scotch-bonnet-flavored chicken being grilled over a pimento-wood fire. Food is indeed an integral part of tradition and family life throughout the Caribbean.  next