The Royal Shopping Experience

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The Royal Shopping Experience
The Caribbean region is one “shopper’s paradise” that lives up to its name. Shopping on the islands means taking advantage of countless opportunities to find luxury items available at tax-free and duty-free prices—up to 50 percent less than retail prices in the United States. Vast selections in nearly every destination include opulent designer jewelry, coveted name-brand watches, exquisite diamonds, and rare, exotic gemstones, some of which are virtually impossible to find back home. You’ll also see reduced prices on electronics, liquor, cosmetics, fragrances, china, crystal, linens, leather goods, candy, and chocolates. And the list goes on.

While values are plentiful in the Caribbean region, sometimes even the savviest shopper doesn’t know where to begin. How do you know which items to look for? Where to find them? How to ensure you are getting the best value?

Enter Port|Folio, Royal Caribbean International’s Port Shopping Program, a comprehensive—and entirely complimentary—service that offers a multitude of resources specifically designed to facilitate and enhance guests’ port-shopping experience. Through the web, RCTV network, Official Shopping Maps, on-board Port Shopping Guides and Shopping Talks, Port|Folio guidebooks, and the specially designed Royal Caribbean Port Shopping Experience mobile app, Royal Caribbean provides you with all the information and insight needed to make the most of your onshore shopping opportunities. Whether you’re buying unique gifts for family or friends or treating your deserving self, the cruise line makes it easy, enjoyable, and wallet-friendly for any budget, to shop in port.

Royal Port|Folio Port Shopping Website
Now you can start planning your port-shopping experience from the moment you book a cruise. By visiting www.royalportfolio.com prior to your departure date, you can explore all of the incredible port-shopping possibilities that await. This gives you plenty of time to devise a plan for future purchases in order to maximize your time while in each port.

The Royal Port|Folio Website supplies pre-cruise port-shopping and concierge information, delivering comprehensive product, brand, and retailer information for each Caribbean port destination. This includes both large, multi-port franchises and established brand names as well as smaller, more intimate boutiques and local, port-specific merchandise.

To personalize your port-shopping experience, simply create a username and password on the Royal Port|Folio Website. Once logged in, you can select your ship’s name and departure date, which automatically customizes the port shopping databank to those brands, retailers, and products that will be available during your cruise. If you’d like, you also have the option to browse through the merchandise that’s available in all of the ports.

Royal Wish List
The Royal Wish List allows the chance to further personalize your port shopping experience. It lets you save your favorite products and a reminder on where to find them; you can even note for whom the item will be purchased. If you plan ahead of time, you can be sure that you’ll find something for all of the important people in your life.

Royal Picks
Royal Picks are a selection of featured items that are some of the best deals, best products, and best prices that you’re going to find while shopping in ports on your cruise. You can be certain that when it comes to shopping in port, Royal Caribbean, the undisputed expert in all things cruise-related, knows what it’s talking about. All articles featured in Royal Picks come with a 30-Day Shopping Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with your item, it can be repaired or replaced within 30 days of purchase.

Port|Folio—The Royal Caribbean International Port Shopping Experience
Prior to departure, cruise guests can also download the exclusive Port|Folio port-shopping mobile application. The app, which is available for download in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market, puts the entire Royal Caribbean port-shopping experience into the palm of your hand. By downloading the application, you can sync your Royal Wish List with your mobile device, which stores it in a portable, easy-to-use format.

The mobile app has been designed with both future and current cruise guests in mind, providing real-time information and up-to-date values and specials. You can rest assured that you have the most accurate and reliable information to assist you in your port-shopping experience.

At the heart of the mobile app is the Port Shopping Compass, which helps you to sort the port-shopping database by product category, brand, retailer, or port. The app has the same information and resources as the website, enabling you to update your wish list on-the-go and to browse for products or view Royal Picks no matter where you are.

Port Shopping Guides
The Royal Caribbean Port|Folio Port Shopping Program does not stop with a website and a mobile application. To facilitate your port-shopping experience once on-board, each Royal Caribbean cruise ship is staffed by a designated Port Shopping Guide. By living and working on the ships for extended periods of time, these knowledgeable guides are able to provide you with personalized service and reliable insight on shopping in each port. Prior to arrival in a port, the Port Shopping Guide on your ship will lead Port Shopping Talks, which are given to educate guests on where to go, how to get there, what to buy—from souvenirs and island flavors to fine timepieces and diamonds—who to buy from, and how to save big in that particular destination.

Additionally, Port Shopping Guides lead several specialized port-shopping seminars that provide all the need-to-know shopping basics, such as what makes a diamond valuable; what to look for when buying a luxury timepiece; and what is the difference between duty-free shopping and tax-free shopping.

Looking for that perfect anniversary gift? Need a new underwater camera? Because Royal Caribbean’s Port Shopping Guides are physically on the ships for the duration of your cruise, they are available to deliver individual advice and assistance and to answer any and all questions that you may have about shopping in port, thus allowing you to shop with confidence and ease.

Shopping Maps
At each destination, Royal Caribbean supplies guests with an Official Shopping Map, which gives specifics about where the ship docks and how to get into town. The map highlights the port’s top shopping areas, specifically, which retailers have received the coveted Royal Caribbean-recommended and -guaranteed stamp of approval.

The cruise line has essentially done the hard part for you; it has hand-selected the retailers and brands in each port of call that it believes render the best values, the best-quality products, the best selection, the best customer service, and the best overall shopping experience.

In addition, every store listed on the Official Shopping Map offers the same 30-Day Guarantee as the Royal Picks on the website and the mobile app, meaning you can shop at these places risk- (and stress-) free.

The Port Shopping Network—RCTV Channel 26
The 24/7 Port Shopping Network broadcasts even more information about port shopping delivered straight to your stateroom. In addition to providing entertaining, non-shopping-related programming, the network airs exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, particularly of stores and shopping areas, and in-depth interviews with various cruise and shopping experts.

Port|Folio Port Guides
The Royal Caribbean Port|Folio port guidebooks can be found in all guests’ staterooms. The guidebooks cover background on each port destination’s history and culture, the easiest way to get around, insider’s shopping tips, the top attractions and shore excursions, and more, ensuring that you have all the information needed to make the most of your time in port.